Quality Policy

Clients and Stakeholders are our main focus here at Linguaemundi. As a service provider, Linguaemundi has established a highly rigorous internal policy aimed at delivering an excellent quality service that is personalized, attentive and tailor-made to our clients' needs. We are proud to be a company that is geared towards excellence in customer service and for that reason, we follow a set of rules that safeguard the total satisfaction of our clients.

Above all, we seek to:

- Understand and anticipate the needs of clients so that their expectations are always exceeded, both at the level of the product itself - high-quality translations and interpretations - and at the level of service and the way each project is managed;

- Establish strict procedures at all stages of the chain of production for all our language services;

- Permanently provide employees with the opportunity to improve their skills by constantly investing in training appropriate to their functions;

- Establish strong relationships with suppliers and define effective methods of evaluating their services, providing our expertise whenever necessary;

- Select suppliers to meet our quality requirements in order to offer a service that fully satisfies the customer.