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We’ve been in the translation and localization business for over 26 years. Let us help you create a process that makes sense for your company.

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Localization process consulting

Agile, waterfall, continuous localization? What would be the best solution for your business? Some are considered outdated, others are fitter for product development companies. Let us help by jumping in with consulting services.


Increase your productivity

You seem to be doing everything by the book but the process is moving way too slowly anyhow? Then it’s time to identify bottlenecks and make translation turnaround faster. According to research, your maximum revenue per month is between 2% and 6% less for each month you are late to the market. Don’t take that chance.


Ensure the best translation quality

Without a great translation quality assurance process, you risk ending up with poorly translated content that not only won’t resonate with your target locale but might even offend them or leave them confused. We have developed our own Code Blue Color Coding System that helps with catching errors and increasing translation quality.


Improve cross-functional collaboration

There are a lot of people involved in the localization process: from linguists and managers to developers, designers, and marketers. More often than not, it’s challenging to find a way to help them work the best together. Hire LinguaeMundi for consultancy services and let our team of professionals help your break the siloed environment you’re likely working in.


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