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Why LinguaeMundi

Certified translation services

LinguaeMundi is NP EN ISO 9001:2015 and specific European Standard for Translation NP EN ISO 17100:2016 ISO certified. We can also include our long-term external partners to meet your additional needs. One-stop shop, hassle-free. Learn more about our services here.

Trustworthy and professional translations

We work with renowned companies and governmental institutions. From The Presidency of the Republic of Portugal, Portuguese General-Directorate of Justice, DCIAP to Tourism of Portugal, CIN, and SCHENKER Logistics - we have long-term clients that just can’t get enough of our translation magic.


Fast translation turnaround

We are capable of meeting short deadlines without the expense of quality. Our Project Managers have 7 years of experience on average. Each manager has their own customer portfolio and a reasonable workload. We also have a backup manager for every account so don’t worry - you won’t get lost in the shuffle.


Relentless introspection

We are well aware that, in order to stay the best in the business, we need to continuously improve our practices. Our culture is marked by low ego. We are lifelong learners. Customers dig that because we commit to analyzing their pain points and problems first-hand. Learn more about how we work here.


Continuous professional development

We have internal bootcamps and invest a lot into training our linguists to ensure their skills are at the top of their game. Additionally, we work primarily with internal staff. This means that, unlike most of LSPs that work with freelancers, we can ensure a dedicated team for our customers. This way you get the best value for your money and guaranteed quality.


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Linguaemundi is a company which provides language solutions. If you have any language related needs, we have the solution.

We specialize in legal and financial translation

We specialize in helping companies that work in legal and financial industries and about 70% of our clients fit into this niche. However, thanks to our widespread network of linguists, we cover other industries as well.

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