LinguaeMundi was founded in 1996. Back then, the world was shocked by the divorce of Lady Di and Prince Charles, Nintendo 64 was finally released, and the Mad Cow Disease emerged in the UK. We feel pretty old, yes.

Being in the business for all these years helped us build a culture that puts people first  - both when it comes to our team and our customers. We learned that following procedures is important and we value both efficiency and effectiveness. You could say it’s in our DNA. 

José Saramago wrote how it’s easier to get to Mars than to our fellow man. At LinguaeMundi, we believe language shouldn’t create additional barriers in a world that’s already divided by nation, religion, and ideology.

The more we communicate, the better we understand one another.

Our team is highly qualified and we also have a network of hundreds of translators, interpreters, editors, and copywriters.