Sometimes it makes sense to let the robots do the heavy lifting

Machine translation post-editing saves you money for translations that don’t include creative language.

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How MT post-editing works

Machine translation post-editing services are handled by a native speaker and aided by a machine translation tool. As the final optional step, the translations may get reviewed by a second linguist to guarantee quality, coherence, and cohesion. 


When MT is a logical choice

Machine translation post-editing is a good option for texts that are merely informative and don’t demand engaging or creative language. Think GDPR, Privacy Policy, etc. It’s no rocket science, but still, there has to be a human being involved to ensure accuracy. 


Save up to 50% with MT

Depending on the project scope and the complexity of the post-editing work needed, you can save up to 50% with machine translation as opposed to opting for human translation from scratch.


When you should skip MT

If you’re dealing with long-form SEO content, machine translation is not the best choice. Machine translation doesn’t provide on-page optimization, it doesn’t take into account geography-specific keywords, and Google as a search engine might not rank your content well because it’s not user-friendly.  


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