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Linguaemundi Translation Services

LINGUAEMUNDI has been providing top-quality translation and interpreting services since 1995.

Our extensive experience, our clients, our dedication to improvement, reasonable prices and use of new technologies ensure the trust of our clients and their willingness to hire our services time and again.

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Commitment to Quality

LINGUAEMUNDI has implemented its QMS in accordance with standards NP EN ISO 9001:2015

and NP EN ISO 17100:2016.

Our objective is to provide Quality services adapted to the needs of each client at competitive prices and within the agreed time frame. Before you receive our translation, we will make sure that:

- The translation is done by a highly qualified Professional, translating into his/her mother tongue
- The translated text undergoes rigorous revision, representing an added value for the client.
- The deadline for delivery is strictly respected.

The Quality Policy of LINGUAEMUNDI

Our customers are the focus of attention of LINGUAEMUNDI. As a service provider, LINGUAEMUNDI has established an extremely meticulous internal policy that is designed to deliver a service of excellent, personalized, quality that is attentive and tailored to the needs of our clients. We are proud to be a company that strives for excellence in customer service and therefore follows rules that aim at the total satisfaction of our customers.

» Above all else, this means understanding and anticipating the needs of customers so that their expectations are always exceeded, both at the level of the product itself - translations and interpretations of high quality - and at the level of care in the management of each project.

» It means establishing strict procedures at all stages of the production and supply chain of all our linguistic services.

» It means giving employees every opportunity to improve their skills, and constantly investing in training appropriate to their duties.

» It means establishing consolidated relations with suppliers and devising effective methods of evaluating their services, offering our cooperation whenever necessary.

» It means choosing suppliers who will meet our requirements for quality, with the goal of offering a service that completely satisfies the client.

Mission, vision and values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish bridges between peoples, languages and cultures. It is to facilitate communication through the translation of not just words but of ideas, too, and to incorporate cultural differences in how to communicate accurately.

It is to bring together people with the same passion and the same interests.

It is that we are a company providing services of translation, localization, interpretation, and specialized language services that always finds the best linguistic solutions for each client; it that we anticipate and know how to construe the needs of our customers and partners. Is to establish links and create confidence in our customers so that they always return to us.

In short, is to live up to the maxim: Our customers' success is our success.


To position itself among the leading companies in linguistic solutions and become a national and international reference; to always keep abreast of trends in the market of translation, to embrace the new technology that is revolutionizing this industry, that makes it possible to reduce production costs and that is translated into benefits for the company and its customers alike.


The values which govern LINGUAEMUNDI are concerned with the creation of strict principles of ethics and the sustainability of companies, so as to be part of a system that creates well-being and progress and helps the world to understand itself better. The principles of confidentiality and scrupulousness in the provision of services are always uppermost in our mind; we aim to promote respect for all parties involved in the process and to contribute to cultivating an awareness of service excellence.

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Telephone: (+ 351) 254 322 525
(+351) 218 122 786
Fax: (+ 351) 254 322 534
E-mail: office@linguaemundi.pt
skype: linguaemundi.rosa

Postal address:
Av. Dr. Antão de Carvalho, n.º 9
5050-273 Peso da Régua, Portugal

NIF: 503701378

for urgent projects please call
(+351) 932 849 884 (24h/day)

Para projectos urgentes, por favor ligue (+351) 932 849 884 (24h/dia)



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